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Friendly Water for the World

900 Jefferson Street, SE

Unit 6070

Olympia, WA 98501

Telephone: 360-918-3642 


They are currently helping bring clean water and improved health in twelve countries and hope to add more as resources permit. One of their unique programs is the “Building New Lives” campaign. It trains people with HIV/AIDS in five countries to be water experts. The organization notes that the lack of clean water can reduce the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS medication by as much as 80%. They also held other very impressive programs, such as eliminating cholera for 3,800 children in 26 orphanages in the large city of Goma, D.R. Congo for a total of only $1,980. Rotary International works closely with them. Wayne Medrud directs the Building New Lives campaign. His phone is 360-894-4328 and e-mail:

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