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Global Impact

1199 North Fairfax Street

Suite 300

Alexandria, VA 22314

Telephone: 800-836-4620  


Global Impact raises funds and distributes them to over 130 U.S.- based, internationally focused charity partners to meet critical humanitarian around the world. It helps companies design and implement customized giving campaigns, and works with nearly 450 public and private sector workplace giving campaigns. Since 1956, they have raised more than 2 billion dollars to help the world’s most vulnerable people.

In 2016, Global Impact raised over 42 million dollars in total contributions and other revenues. The highest standards of ethics and financial accountability are maintained.

Many corporations, other businesses, governments, and various institutions in the U.S. contribute to Global Impact and often provide matching gifts when their employees contribute to them. Individuals wishing to make contributions are also welcome and can designate which member organization(s) will receive their donations.

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