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GoServ Global

P.O. Box 193

Eagle Grove, IA 50533

Telephone: 515-448-3131 

Fax: 515-448-3232 


This Christian organization was co-founded by an Iowa farmer and missionary in 2011. It seeks to rescue the most vulnerable populations: orphans, widows, abandoned babies, and displaced families with special emphasis on disaster relief. GoServ Global has built 200 Safe T Homes(trademark) in Haiti (highly modified grain bins used for housing, a birthing clinic, etc.) In the area of Haiti that was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Matthew on October 3, 2016, the Safe T Homes survived with only minimal damage, despite winds of over 145 miles per hour that wiped out nearly every other structure. In Haiti, GoServ Global has also built a medical clinic, dental clinic, two churches, school, 10 wells, and supports five orphanages, prison ministry, and agricultural projects. They provide child sponsorships. Learn more about ongoing projects in Haiti, Peru, India, Guatemala, and the U.S. by visiting their website.

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