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Healing Waters International

14818 West 6th Avenue

Suite 15-A

Golden, CO 80401

Telephone: 303-526-7278 


This Christian non-profit organization is working to end the global water crisis through their Holistic WASH (water and sanitation hygiene) Solution. They work in 15 countries with over 200 active projects. The three elements of their Holistic WASH Solution include water purification technology, water micro-business training, and sanitation and hygiene education. Their water purification systems remove 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, and parasites (but not salt). Their two main technologies for purification are gravity-fed and solar-powered, allowing them to work in the most remote regions of the world. Each system is set up as a micro-business in the community where locals are equipped and empowered to run the store, with costs affordable to the poorest families in the community (as little as $0.005 per liter). Their sanitation and hygiene curriculum is designed specifically for young children and women. Much more information, including details about how they use ultrafiltration as the main filtration process of their water purification technologies, is on the Healing Waters International website.

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