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How the Other Half Dies — IMVA

This was written by people involved with International Medical Volunteer Associations (IMVA) sometime late in the 1990’s. You can find it on the website or by using Google and entering “How the Other Half Dies IMVA.

It notes that “Severe poverty is the root cause of the high mortality rates in the developing world” and goes into many facets, details, and statistics. “50% to 60% of all deaths (in the poorest countries) occur before age 5,” and “in some developing countries, governments spend as little as $4 or $5 per capita on health care.” This situation may have improved since the report. Blindness is the most common disability in the developing world. Although a bit dated, this is worth downloading and reading. That won’t take long. Compare it with information in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals recent updates.

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