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Life In Abundance International (LIA)

211 Townepark Circle

Suite 210

Louisville, KY 40243

Telephone: 626-213-2203 

Fax: 866-542-3336 


This Christian community development organization is in more than 30 communities in 10 countries in Africa and the Caribbean. It began in Ethiopia in 1996 under the direction of Florence Muindi, M.D. with special emphasis on getting indigenous churches to take leadership in putting faith into action in their local communities. LIA calls its four main goals as being to: “Promote health and prevent disease; empower the poor with economic activities; equip the vulnerable to break the cycle, and educate the marginalized.” Some Americans go on short-term mission trips through LIA, but the organization is more interested in empowering local leaders and professionals. The LIA website has much more information, including charts, videos, books and other printed material, and webinars. One of their videos is called “This Is My Normal” and deals with poverty in the largest slum in Africa (in Nairobi, Kenya). It is available through the LIA Bookstore. Along with their U.S. office shown above, they have an office in Nairobi.

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