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Matthew 25: Ministries

11060 Kenwood Road

Blue Ash, OH 45242

Telephone: 513-793-6256 

Fax: 513-793-6258 


This faith-based organization takes its name from Matthew 25, verses 34-40, where Jesus told his followers to put their faith into action by serving people who have the greatest needs. They do this by providing nutritional food, clean water, clothing, affordable shelter, medical care, and other kinds of humanitarian services and supplies. By obtaining donations of excess products from businesses (both large and small), organizations, hospitals, and individuals, they can repurpose them and use them as building blocks to encourage people in need to help themselves and to develop healthier, more self-sufficient sustainable communities. Matthew 25: Ministries emphasizes ongoing humanitarian aid and catastrophic disaster relief throughout the U.S. and over 60 countries. In 2015, they sent over fifteen million pounds of goods in 788 forty-foot containers with over fifteen million pounds of goods, helping almost 20 million people. That included 3,542 pallets of medical supplies (approximately 16% of all processed pallets.) Much more information is on their website.

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