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Millions of babies and children die or are prematurely affected by malnutrition, and one very cost-effective remedy is Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), also called Plumpy’nut). It is based on the peanut butter often produced in developing countries and includes several nutritional additives. RUTF does not need cooking or refrigeration. It was developed by Dr. Andre Briend, a French food scientist, and introduced in several African countries during the past decade. Dr. Pat Wolff, a pediatrician, helped bring the concept to Haiti where it is called medika mamba. The website includes stories and pictures, a compelling video, information about how the peanuts are now being more effectively grown and processed in Haiti, the new factory there, and research data. One of their newest programs involves using solar energy. They are now exporting products to 17 developing countries. RUTF probably could be adapted for use in many other places.

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