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New Life International

6764 South Bloomington Trail

Underwood, IN 47177

Telephone: 812-752-7474 


Since 1998, this Christian non-profit organization has been helping to bring clean water to people in need. They developed a purification device that can be powered with a 12 volt DC battery or adapted for solar power and turns common salt into chlorine. It can purify up to 55 gallons per minute. The basic kit costs $1,050, and its shipping weight is 25 pounds. It is very durable and designed for group settings. This could bring clean water for a cost of about $1.00 per person per year. Over 4,000 of the filters have been installed in 85 countries as of August 2021.

New Life International is located in a quiet rural area about 30 miles north of Louisville, KY. Although no motels are nearby, they provide housing on the premises for people who come for free training or to volunteer and need overnight lodging.

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