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Micah Challenge USA

1033 SW Yamhill Street

Suite 102

Portland, OR 97205

Telephone: 888-789-4660 


Micah Challenge USA is a Christian movement of churches, colleges and universities, and other organizations and individuals dedicated to end extreme poverty throughout the world. They emphasize that over one billion people exist with incomes under $1.25 per day. Micah Challenge USA is allied with the Micah Challenge (based in London, U.K.) and has partners in 50 countries. Much of their emphasis is on helping people in more fortunate places learn about extreme poverty and then do something to combat it. In the U.S., that can involve contacting members of Congress. The Micah Challenge website has some very compelling charts and videos. One called “Take a Stand” shows some very significant progress that has been made in the past 25 years, but it notes that there is still much to be done. Their “Shine a Light” video tells how major problems of corruption often undermine efforts to help local people in developing countries.

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