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Mission to Heal

16618 Kipling Road

Deerwood, MD 20855


Founded by Glenn W. Geelhoed, M.D. more than 40 years ago, they have virtually covered the planet by helping in the most remote impoverished places. Quoting from their website: “Mission to Heal medical teams travel to where medical need is great and where medical help is under-resourced or non-existent… Dr. Geelhoed and his teams operate with limited supplies, often without electricity, often with only local anesthesia… Often against a backdrop of civil war, refugee camps, geopolitical instability, poverty, and indifference, the medical teams and the indigenous communities respond with humility, perseverance, and uncommon resilience in order to bring hope to the ‘bottom billion’ of the world.”

Mission to Heal has three objectives. (1) Provide healthcare and operations to those who need it, have little or no access to it, and who cannot afford it; (2) train medical professionals to perform and provide under poorly-resourced conditions; and (3) equip locals to provide the medical care so that the community attains self-sufficiency.

Their website has an application for medical professionals and medical students wishing to join their teams. It also highlights their three other types of missions: (1) a Temporary Remote Basecamp (using tents or existing shelters with personnel and supplies brought in by backpack, vehicles or aircraft); (2) a Mobile Surgical Unit (operating rooms in mobile vehicles/trailers that can be driven, pulled, or floated into remote areas); and (3) Established Resourced Clinics (an existing clinic or hospital with personnel, basic supplies, and other resources).

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