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Mobile Outreach Solutions

702 N. Ridge Road E.

Lorain, OH 44055

Telephone: 440-233-4091 

Fax: 440-344-4580 

Email: (send through their website)

This Christian organization has several programs for providing mobile medical, dental, and eye clinics for the developing world. They began in 1988 under the name of BUSES International (Bringing Unto the Saints Encouragement to Serve) and focused on rebuilding used school buses and other vehicle for clinics and sometimes other humanitarian purposes. Each one is custom designed and rebuilt and then donated to missions in developing countries or impoverished areas of the U.S. When possible, they are filled with requested cargo before being sent.

They have built and deployed over 130 clinics and service units that are providing free healthcare and other services to disadvantaged people in ten countries on three continents.

Their newest product is the “Portable Clinic In A Box.” It is a pod-like clinic with a special demountable lift-system that allows it to be easily detached from a flat bed truck and left where necessary. Another big advantage often is being able to get it into a country where needed with less importation problems and costs than complete vehicles. The truck is acquired in-country, and the two are easily combined together with a special coupling system. BUSES International changed its name to Mobile Outreach Solutions in January of 2017 to better reflect their new primary activities, but the traditional programs are also being maintained.

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