Orbis (International Headquarters)

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520 Eighth Avenue

12th Floor

New York, NY 10018


Telephone: 800-672-4787 

Fax: 646-674-5599 

Email: info@orbis.org

Orbis helps to restore eyesight to children and adults in the developing world. Since 1982, they have served in 92 countries. They emphasize training, advocacy, research, tele-health, and volunteer faculty, along with their core emphasis on corrective eye surgeries. In 2015, they trained more than 30,000 eye medical professionals and improved over 2.1 million lives. This further advanced the fields of eye care research.

The heart of their program is a special large jet airplane custom-fitted into a classroom, operating room, and recovery room. It is the world’s only flying eye hospital. See their website for pictures and more details. Orbis also has offices in 11 other countries besides the U.S.