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Ray of Hope Medical Missions

P.O. Box 15806

Fort Wayne, IN 46885

Telephone: 260-416-2116 


This Christian organization seeks to bridge the gap between children with special needs in developing countries and medical professionals and medical institutions in the U.S. willing to provide care for them. It organizes and secures medical visas and passports, free transportation, life-saving care, and medical procedures for medically-deprived children from underdeveloped nations. Several major U.S. hospitals participate in the program, and host families provide housing and support until the child regains enough health to return home. 100% of the costs are covered by donations, pursuant to medical visa terms. Along with monetary gifts, the organization appreciates people who can share their homes when needed. Rebecca Ghent, RN, founded Ray of Hope Medical Missions in November of 2012. It has grown very significantly since then.

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