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Safe Water International Ministries (SWIM)

P.O. Box 227

New Sharon, IA 50207

Telephone: 641-629-6280 


This Christian organization promotes a very simple ready-to-use device that generates chlorine and other oxidants by the use of electrolysis of common table salt to purify water. The key component is called the Chlorine Producing Unit, or CPU. It is very compact and uses 12 volts that can come from a solar panel or a small transformer (if electricity is available). Car, truck, and tractor batteries work. The resulting clean water does not have any adverse taste or odor problems and is food grade. Each CPU costs approximately $50.00 and can serve 1,000 people for many years. Shipping costs are additional. The SWIM website has a very excellent instructional manual in English and Spanish that can be used on the field.

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