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SIFAT (Servants In Faith and Technology)

2944 County Road 113

Lineville, AL 36266

Telephone: 256-396-2015  


Since 1979, this Christian group has provided training in many kinds of basic, inexpensive technology for use in developing countries. It includes water and sanitation technologies, sustainable agricultural training, primary health care, solar power, and related subjects. Their campus includes lodging and a simulated Third World village. American and international guests from over 85 countries have come for SIFAT seminars, workshops, and internships. Schedules and much more information are on their website.

SIFAT works closely with the University of Alabama at Birmingham Sparkman Center for Global Health. The Center offers periodic seminars and courses that combine the best in academic research with appropriate technology in a context to address human health essentials. For more information, go to:, e-mail them at, or call them at 205-975-7693.

SIFAT also has a partner relationship with nearby Auburn University whereby students can get credits for learning other ways of improving lives in developing countries.

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