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ShelterBox (USA)

P.O. Box 5055

Santa Barbara, CA 93150

Telephone: 805-608-2400  


Every year millions of people are displaced from their homes by natural and other disasters–including earthquakes, major storms, and violence. The ShelterBox concept began when some Rotary members in the United Kingdom asked: “What would I need for my family if we had lost everything?” Now it has grown to having contacts in 90 countries, a very sophisticated training program, and response to over 140 disasters throughout the world.

The box has a heavy duty plastic shell that includes a custom-designed family tent, cooking utensils, mosquito nets, water purification goods, tools, a children’s activity pack, and other things (some contents may vary depending on destination). It costs $1,000 (U.S.) for a complete ShelterBox. The organization has a special system for getting the boxes delivered to where they are needed as quickly as possible. See the ShelterBox website for pictures of the box and its contents, information on how you can be involved, and more details–including links to contacts in other countries. In Canada, go to Rotary International continues to work closely with ShelterBox.

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