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Solar Cookers International (SCI)

2400 22nd Street

Suite 210

Sacramento, CA 95818

Telephone: 916-455-4499 


People in many impoverished places often have a hard time getting cooking fuel. In some regions, the cost of cooking fuel consumes 40% of a family’s income. Using charcoal has decimated trees and other vegetation from the mountainside — thus making them more prone to soil erosion and flooding. Burning biomass fuel stoves in homes also increases indoor air pollution, a major cause of asthma and other respiratory diseases. These are among the main causes of death in developing countries.

SCI is involved in 133 countries. The SCI website shows various ways to help, such as how to construct and use inexpensive solar cookers. SCI’s global network shares the experience of more than 500 solar cooking organizations and individuals worldwide. See it to learn more about solar cooking, the integrated cooking method, water pasteurization with a solar cooker, and other solar cooker topics.

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