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Toilets for People (TfP)

77 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

Telephone: 617-233-5058 


Their motto is bringing sanitation solutions to communities in the developing world, and they do this primarily through The CRAPPER. The letters stand for compact rotating aerobic pollution prevention excreta reducer. These self-contained composting toilets cost $200.00 each, do not require outside plumbing, and can be installed close to homes, churches, schools, and other institutions for family or community use. The CRAPPER is one of the few toilets available in the developing world that works in flood prone areas where pit latrines and flush toilets fail.

TfP also provides training to partner NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and local craftsmen and entrepreneurs on construction of these open-source technology toilets, using locally sourced materials. Based on proper use by a family of six, the composted material needs to be emptied once every three months — at which point it is buried nearby with wood ash as a disinfectant. See the Toilets for People website for pictures, charts, videos, and other details. TfP is helping in Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Haiti, and Senegal and wants to expand elsewhere in Africa and in South Asia in the near future.

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