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Village Earth: The Consortium for Sustainable Village-Based Development

P.O. Box 797

Fort Collins, CO 80522

Telephone: 970-491-5754 

Fax: 970-491-2729 


This service of Colorado State University seeks to help people in villages throughout the developing world bring their local goals and resources into cooperative relationships with more materially advantaged societies instead of only relying on outside “experts” to come in with all the answers. Training, networking, and the Appropriate Technology Library (ATL) are their major areas of emphasis.

The ATL Source Book is a major composite on CD-ROM taken from 1,050 books with 150,000 pages on many subjects dealing with challenges in developing countries. You can order it by phoning 970-237-3002, ext. 504. You can purchase it on two CD’s for $99.00 (as of October 1, 2015 while supplies last). Some of the material is briefly summarized and available free online.

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