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WaterAid America

233 Broadway

Suite 2705

New York, NY 10279

Telephone: 212-683-0430 

Fax: 212-683-0293 


They are part of an international program seeking to educate and advocate for clean water and sanitation currently in 38 developing countries. Their material is a very excellent source of information on virtually all aspects of the crisis and suggestions for people to take action about it.

In 2015, WaterAid supplied 220 people per hour with clean water, 350 people per hour with toilets, and 950 people per hour with hygiene.

One of their most creative presentations is called “The Adventures of Super Toilet.” Find this very funny nine-minute video by entering the title on Google. A teacher’s guide is included. It is filled with many useful ideas, creative exercises, pictures, and data. Other videos are also posted. Adults will benefit as well as children and youth from what WaterAid has brought together.

WaterAid began in London, England in 1981 before opening their New York City office. They continue in both locations, along with others in Australia, Canada, Sweden, and Japan, as part of the WaterAid federation.

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