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625 Myrtle Street

Louisville, KY 40208

Telephone: 502-568-6342 


Formerly known as EdgeOutreach, they emphasize training and affordable technology to empower volunteers and humanitarians with the ability to assist communities with sustainable water solutions in over 30 developing countries.

WaterStep has several kinds of products that cost between $2.50 (the price of the Water Pasteurization HydroPic), and $1,000 (the unit price of the M-100 Chlorine Generator) to address various water purification needs. This can mean a cost of less than $1.00 per person per year. If properly maintained, the machines can last for many years. Their portable Bleach Maker (introduced in 2016-17) marks another milestone towards effective water treatment. The store on their website describes the products and has interesting videos.

Two types of training are offered by WaterStep. One is for safe water solutions (including health and hygiene), and the other teaches repairs on most of the common hand pumps. See their website for details.

One of their ways of fundraising is collecting new or gently used shoes. Again see their website for details.

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