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World Relief

7 East Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD 21202

Telephone: 443-451-1900 

Fax: 443-451-9975 


This interdenominational Christian group has been serving mission needs since 1944. Part of the National Association of Evangelicals, their global ministry has helped victims of famine, poverty, and disease in over 100 countries. Major emphases include health and child survival, helping women, micro-enterprise loans to help small businesses, disaster relief, agricultural programs, and refugee care in many places. They have the largest evangelical resettlement agency in America and have resettled over 250,000 refugees from more than 80 countries. Their department of International Health Programs is especially focused on helping with the HIV/AIDS crisis. World Relief also has 22 other offices in the U.S. besides their main one in Baltimore. See their website for details.

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