An Interesting Phone Call Relating to This Website

A few days ago, I was relaxing in front of the television when my phone rang. Like many other people, I get annoyed at the large volume of calls which have no value (often called robocalls). This time, however, the caller asked “Is this Helping World Wide?” I said, “yes,” and we got into an interesting conversation. She found my website through an internet search.

It happens that she came from Liberia to Philadelphia in 1999 but still wants to help her home country in various ways. That includes building and supplying a medical clinic, helping in both urban and rural areas, and providing educational services. Their organization is Foundation for Innovative Change, and its website is

For the past several years, I have been on the Board of Directors of World Medical Relief ( It is near Detroit, Michigan, USA. Another of our Board members is very involved in helping Liberia. Thus I was able to connect the two people.

This morning I had an email from someone else (probably in or from Africa) who found my website and wants information from it.

These kinds of experiences make me feel that the time I spend on my website may be helping people I might never get to know in person. They make my day.

–Bruce’s Blog, April 17, 2019

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