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Global CHE Network

727 East Bethany Home Road

D 122

Phoenix, AZ 85014

Telephone: 623-227-2026 


CHE (meaning community health evangelism and pronounced in English as “shay”) describes itself as “a wholistic ministry strategy that seamlessly integrates evangelism, discipleship, and church planting with community health and development.” The network’s members represent over 650 Christian organizations in over 125 countries with programs in over 35,000 villages and urban slums.

Through their members, they have led to significant decreases in infant mortality and malnutrition but big increases in people becoming Christian, church growth, educational opportunities, and local business.

CHE has numerous training conferences around the world and participates in many other ones. Much more information (including schedules, locations, and a lot of material you can order) is on the CHE website.

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