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OHorizons Charitable Solutions

3602 Ravena Avenue

Royal Oak, MI 48073


This nonprofit organization designs simple, low-tech, low-cost, and locally-sourced do-it-yourself solutions that are freely available to anyone wishing to use them. In regards to safe drinking water, they have engineered a Wood Mold for the production of concrete bio-sand water filters. Their Wood Mold is typically between six to ten times less expensive than the traditional steel mold. Each Wood Mold has the capacity to create over 50 concrete filters. Within the past year, people from over 40 countries have downloaded their open-source construction manual to build the Wood Mold for themselves and bring safe drinking water access to their community. Visit the OHorizons website for instructional videos and printed materials that anyone can download at no cost.

On July 8, 2018 NBC Television had a special story about OHorizons.

Rotary International has been very instrumental in helping develop and promote bio-sand water filters. Some of their chapters support OHorizons.

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