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500 Main Street

New Windsor, MD 21776

Telephone: 800-422-5915 

Fax: 888-294-6376 


Since 1949, SERRV has helped lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty in over 30 developing countries. This non-profit organization does so by carefully obtaining and marketing a wide variety of fair-traded handcrafts food. These include clothing, jewelry, wall décor, woven fabric dishes, chocolates, and many other things. They note that “In the world today, handcraft production is the second largest form of employment behind agriculture.” SERRV has programs to help empower women in various ways and educate their children. They have three stores in the U.S. Along with the one in New Windsor, they have two in Madison, WI. Most of their retailing, is done online or via mail order. See their website for details.

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