UZima Filters

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1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy.

Suite 800

Atlanta, GA 30338

Telephone: 866-698-4642 


This non-profit firm provides affordable, efficient, and long-lasting filters for the developing world. Their UZ1 filter is a .1 micron hollow fiber membrane tested to eliminate over 99.999999% of the bacteria that causes waterborne disease. The filter will last up to 10 years with no maintenance costs or consumables to replace and will filter 1 liter of water per minute (5 gallons in about 20 minutes). This has been designed as a household point-of-use filter, but has been known to service as many as 25 people sharing water among households. The filters cost $30.00 each (U.S. dollars) and will last for about ten years. For a family of five, the cost ends up being only about 60 cents per person per year.

The Uzima filter program began in Kenya (where the word uzima means life.) They now have distribution points in Asia, Africa, and North America from which they can ship to almost any country.