God’s Orchestra

A few years ago I saw this on Mission Aviation Fellowship’s website: “For each of us, God’s call takes on a slightly different form. Just as an orchestra blends different instruments to produce a symphony, the ministry of reaching isolated people and sharing the Gospel throughout the world relies on a wide variety of activities and skills as well as a large number of people who work in our Heavenly Father’s vineyard.”

I especially like classical music and appreciate how a good conductor brings everyone in his or her group together. You might ask what the above paragraph has to do with my website. No, I am not a conductor and never have been one. Nor do I play any musical instrument. However, I am trying to gather a wide variety of information that I hope can be helpful to people in the most economically and health-challenged areas of the world. You might compare me with a reference librarian or someone who answers the switchboard telephone and says “to whom may I direct your call?” We all have our special skills. You may be a medical professional. Someone else is an economist, engineer, technician, or educator — and the list goes on indefinitely. I try to be a networker and bring information together. Hopefully it does some good.

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