The Malayka Angel

If you graduated from a top-rated college, then law school, and hold licenses to practice law in two states, helping Ugandan soldiers who were injured while fighting on behalf of the U.S. Government in Iraq and Afghanistan is probably not at the top of your priority list. However, that is what Tara Coughlin has been doing since 2007.

Military contractors working for the U.S. in the two major wars hired over 10,000 Ugandan fighters because that can be less costly than for American soldiers — especially when there are significant injuries or even deaths. The U.S. and the contractors are not inclined to pay benefits, and thus the injured and/or their families are left stranded. Getting death payments is also a challenge. Thus Ms. Coughlin has been providing a very useful service by handling many of their cases.

When she went to Uganda, she learned that there were many more needs — especially among the children. That got her interested in founding Malayka International. The word “Malayka” means angel in several African languages. It is volunteer-based and seeks to “provide vital medical support to orphans, vulnerable children, and adults.” It has helped thousands of impoverished people, and the number keeps increasing. See

Tara Coughlin shows her Christian faith in her actions. You can also learn about her by entering her name and Macomb Daily Press into Google. While she may not make nearly as much money as other attorneys, she will have a great reward in heaven.

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