What You Can Do for Refugees in Aleppo Beyond Prayer

Aleppo, Syria is a city with a history going back several thousand years and a legacy of culture and trade. In 2005 it had over two million people. Then a civil war broke out in 2012 (made worse by outside influences) that killed many thousands of children and adults, injured far more, and destroyed countless homes and other buildings. Both Christians and Muslims have been victims. Huge numbers are trying to escape. Especially during the past several months, television news shows have presented graphic images of the violence and its after-effects. This is among the biggest humanitarian crisis since in the past half-century.

I certainly believe in prayer, but the Bible says that faith without action is dead. My favorite Bible is called the Faith in Action Study Bible, and it is published by World Vision (described in the “General Humanitarian Organizations” category of this website) and Zondervan.

Almost always when there are major humanitarian crisis situations in the world, World Vision is there. Aleppo is among their current major areas of emphasis. To learn more about World Vision, visit their website: www.worldvision.org

If you want to do something more than watch tragic scenes on television or the internet or read about the unfortunate people in Aleppo and elsewhere, I suggest (1) that you pray for God’s guidance about what you can do and (2) find a very reputable organization where you can make a financial contribution. World Vision is among the most outstanding. Along with the direct and indirect victims, don’t forget to pray for the appropriate governmental responses and those who are trying to help in various ways. Especially at this Christmas season, remember that Jesus was a refugee when he was the same age as some of the babies who are being victimized in Aleppo right now.

Additional note: There are at least two other excellent Christian organizations that are trying to bring relief to Syria and Iraq. See World Relief (www.worldrelief.org) and Samaritan’s Purse (www.samaritan’s purse.org) Samaritan’s Purse is also looking for medical volunteers to go to Mosul, Iraq.

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