Finding Another Bruce Who Writes Blogs

Like many of you, sometimes while doing an internet search for something I find another item of equal, if not greater, interest than my original quest. Such was the case recently while looking through the website of the Accord Network and its links. By going to the Links section of their website, you can find Across Two Worlds ( It was developed by Bruce Wydick, PhD, an active Christian who is a full-time professor of economics at the University of San Francisco. One of his main specialties is known as development economics.

The term “development economics” may not be nearly as familiar to people wishing to help in the developing world as medical missionaries, those who help with clean water and sanitation, and many other forms of service. However, Dr. Wydick has very impressive academic credentials and is an excellent writer. I call him to your attention in hopes that you will look at his site and give thought to his findings. Some of them might challenge your present thinking. Others may reinforce them. You can get regular updates on a wide variety of topics at no charge by contacting him. He shows his belief in putting Christian faith into action.

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