Finding Another Super

There are many uses of the word “super.” Boys in the U.S. like to wear shirts that say “Superman.” Girls wear “Superwoman” shirts. The biggest football game in America is called the Super Bowl. Sometimes huge hurricanes are called “super storms.”

Today I learned about another “super.” It is super cereal. Developed by food scientists in cooperation with the United Nation’s UNICEF, it uses common ingredients to provide nutrition to children over the age of 24 months and adults. It does not use milk and has a shelf life of 12 months. In view of the fact that much of Africa is going through some of the worst drought in a half-century or more, with food plants and food animals in short supply, this is making a huge difference. For more information, visit or Google also tells about it. As Jesus said, feed the hungry. This seems like a very effective way to do so.

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