This Soap Could Stop the Spread of Malaria

Malaria killed approximately 438,000 people in 2015, and 90% of the fatalities were in Sub-Saharan Africa. Many different techniques, including anti-malaria medications and bed nets, have been tried with varying success.

An organization in New York City called Global Citizen (formerly Global Poverty Project) publicizes various efforts to help improve health conditions and other challenges in the developing world. One of their recent stories carried the same title as this blog.

Faso Soap is the name of the product. It is inexpensive and can be widely used across Africa. CNN did a special report about it that you can read online. Doctors Without Borders is helping to promote it.

I hope that by giving a little more publicity to Faso Soap (which you can learn more about by doing a Google search), it might be possible to help save some people from serious illness and death.

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